Joseph Leone


As President and Founder of GSM International Group, Joseph Leone has catered to the needs of very wealthy clients for over two decades. During this time, he realized that
most of his clients have very busy and stressful schedules by juggling their business and personal lives. He created GSM International Group with the vision of alleviating and removing all this from their lives.


Joseph has represented his clients from A to Z while making everything seamless in the representation of Houses, Yachts, Airplanes, Design, Construction, Selling, Buying,
Management, and Services. Mr. Leone has an impressive track record in which he has been awarded multiple times and recognized worldwide for his multiple talents in Business, Design, creativity, and extreme attention to detail.



  • Speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish.
      Joseph Leone
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      address 407 Lincoln Rd., #2B, Miami Beach, FL 33139
      Joseph Leone

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      Buyers, Sellers, management and construction projects which include award winning properties in the best cities around the world. We have access to the most exquisite off market properties around the world.